Customs arrangements and post-Brexit trade policy: What are the options?

Prime Minister Theresa May holds a Tech Sector Roundtable and Reception at No10 Downing Street. PM May holds roundtable in the famous Cabinet Room for members from the Tech Sector followed by a Reception at No10. Image obtained by No 10 Flickr.

Customs arrangements and post-Brexit trade policy: What are the options? Theresa May’s cabinet has met this week in another of its recurring “crunch meetings” on its future position vis a vis the EU. The main bone of contention is the question of customs arrangements. Theresa May has already ruled out continuing membership of the EU’s […]

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The Role of Regulatory Cooperation in the Future of the WTO

The emergence of global value chains (GVCs) and global public goods presents an opportunity for the World Trade Organization (WTO) to play a larger role in international regulatory cooperation. This paper identifies the circumstances and modalities where the WTO is most likely to be successful. First, it assesses the circumstances in which international regulatory cooperation is best […]

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Trade, War and Trade Wars

Donald Trump’s decision to repudiate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action agreed with Iran has not only precipitated a security crisis, it will also further ratchet up tensions in world trade. Trade is a fundamental part of the deal, for Iran, but also the European Union. In just two years, EU exports to Iran increased […]

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Show Me the Money

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Show me the Money: Prospects for United Kingdom and EU cooperation on Financial Services post-Brexit Draft Guidelines for the second phase of Brexit negotiations were submitted to the European Council on 7 March 2018, for adoption on 23 March.  In them the EU lays down tight limits for negotiation of the UK’s withdrawal agreement and […]

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